Happily Evers After Farm
Contact: Rick and Margo Evers
Address: 510 South Nursery Road Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H9
Email Address:
Phone: 250-442-3188
About Us
This is a Retirement Project Small Acreage. Which means the work never ends. We have a tendency to produce much more than we need and would like to be able to sell the extra. There are greenhouse starter plants now, and there will be raspberries and assorted tree fruits in season, and then the general garden produce that sometimes appears in such abundance that we wonder why we planted so much in the spring. What were we thinking?
The things we grow are produced for our own family and friends. I cannot call it "Organic" because there are strict rules for that designation. Call it Sun and Rain, because that what our plants get. And some Chicken Manure. Irrigation water when there isn't enough rain.