Boundary Hill
Contact: Courtenay & Michael
Address: 12380 Brown Creek Rd Grand Forks, BC, V0H1H8
Email Address:
Phone: 250-444-9659
About Us
We are a family run, family owned farm 25km up the North Fork Valley. We grow a vast variety of vegetables as well as beef, pork, chicken and eggs. Our belief is that all animals and produce were designed to grow as they are, and the closer we stay to growing them in the way they were intended - the better the product. All of our animals are free-range with both access to forest and field. Our vegetables are grown without chemicals, we fertilize with rotational grazing and organic manure. We grow food the slow way - the way it was intended.
We practice low disturbance farming. Working with nature we use our animals natural behaviours to turn up new areas or clean up brush/ debris. Tilling only when necessary, we conserve our top soil and build its ecology. All of our unused land is seeded into native cover crops to add nutrients and further improve the microbial life in the soil naturally. Our livestock are all farm raised from birth /1 week old, our pWe are currently working on obtaining our Organic status.