Lucky Pheasant Farm
Address: 755 Carson Rd Grand Forks, BC, V0H1H4
Email Address:
Phone: 250-444-0825
About Us
We are the Worth family - Jon, Helen, Betty and Charlie. Our farm is on Carson Road in sunny Grand Forks. We mostly grow veggies and have a gang of chickens that roam around like they own the place!

We also make chocolate bars and are planning to open a bean to bar chocolate factory here in Grand Forks.

We follow organic practices but we aren't certified. We have 2 small children who like to pull carrots straight out of the ground and eat them dirt and all, so we never add anything to our soil or our plants that we think could be harmful in any way. Just water, sunshine, a little bit of compost and a lot of love!

Our small flock of chickens are free range and happy - they love our beets and break into the garden any chance they get!