Le Bazar
City: Grand Forks, BC, V0H1H2
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Phone: 418-209-3499
About Us
I am Marie a passionate cook and traveler. With an Italian Grand'ma and a Turkish Grand'ma,
there was no other choice to be obsessed about good and fresh slow food cuisine.
I grew up in Belgium then move to Qu├ębec in 2001, then I choose beautiful British Columbia.
Love to share snacks I make inspired of cultures I met on the road and where I come from.
"Bazar of Flavors" comes from the idea of that melting pot of different types of food.
The bazar is an oriental colorful market where you find anything, where you experience street food
through a mixture of textures, flavors, smells of spices, herbs, grilled meat, surrounded by loud chats in different languages.
I use local ingredients most as possible. Next step is to make phyllo dough from scratch for baklavas (to be continued...)