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Sand Creek Organics
Address: 9509 Sand Creek Rd Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H1
Phone: 250-442-0551
About Us
We started Spring 2012 on our land in the Sand Creek Valley with an integrated orchard and garden, planting apple, pear, cherry, and apricot trees with the best apple varieties from Europe;
we continued planting berries, trees, shrubs, flowers, inviting bees and birds into our orchard and garden;
we are certified organic with NOOA, all our products are certified organic;
we are growing and wild harvesting medicinal plants and creating tea blends for specific purposes;
we are collecting and drying powerful greens for a herbal salt in Winter, when the greens are missing;

Our principles are:
organic practice, devoted to Perma culture practices, integrating orchard with various food crops, berries and flowers; using bio dynamic principles from Rudolf Steiner and working with the planet constellations from the Maria Thun calendar

We are collecting every year our own seeds, therefore 90% of our vegetables are from our own seeds. Cross pollination will happen and new varieties evolve. We encourage this process to develop strong seeds / plants adapted to our own unique environment and micro climate. Cross pollination will be noticeable mainly in our Salad Greens and Kale mixes. We have a high standard of how we dry our herbs: We collect the herbs according to the moon and planet constellation using only the prime part of the herb; most leaves get air dried within 24 hour, berries or more juicy herbs get dehydrated on low temperature.
Handling, processing and packaging happens with great care under hygienic condition and stored in a cool, dry room.