Scott Bros. Coffee
Address: 2 Scott Mountain Rd Curlew, WA, 99118
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Phone: 509-779-4970
About Us
Scott Brothers Coffee Company is a family owned and operated small business situated in the remote and beautiful Kettle River Valley. We have been roasting the finest quality arabica coffee beans since 1980. Combining over 35 years of old world coffee roasters' craftsmanship with unique, innovative equipment, and techniques, developed in-house, to deliver the deepest, richest coffee flavor. Customer service based on old fashioned integrity and personal attention to detail.
Our "flashroast" equipment is truly unique - in that it is homemade. It combines the use of small batch hoppers, fluid bed circulation (hot air suspension), continuously variable heat input and high volume cooling trays. Our micro-batch roast machine allows a faster warmup, closer proximity with the bean ( sight, sound and smell ) and a near instant "air quench" cool down. It is a roastmaster's dream machine and it has made it possible for us to optimize roast profiles not available to most small roasters who use "drum type" machines.We take every opportunity to select sustainably produced, wildlife friendly, and socially responsible coffees from around the world.