Kettle Valley Queens
Address: 4880 Well Rd. Grand Forks, BC, V0H1H5
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Phone: 250-442-5204
About Us
Kettle Valley Queens primarily sells honey bees and queens but one of the delightful spin offs is honey and honey comb.
We have honey comb when there is a good year and the bees create the comb in any of the spaces left in their hives. So the comb honey is totally made by our bees. Most beekeepers will use some form of starter comb to help the bees build honey comb in very regular shapes as squares and circles in order to fit in containers. Be aware the honey comb we sell is bee freeform design.
Our honey comb containers are compostable. Some of the containers will have both a light and darker honey in them. Others will have all light or dark, so be sure to inspect the labels which say what type of honey is in the comb.