North Fork Pork and Poultry
Contact: Doug & Pat Zorn
Address: 10590 Granby Road Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H1
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Phone: 250-442-3359
About Us
Doug and Pat Zorn purchased the 15 acre parcel of land back in 1974 and relocated from coastal British Columbia to the farm in 1975. They had been anxious to move to a quiet rural setting in which they could learn to raise farm animals and produce enough food to feed there future family. Over the years, the farm has raised horses, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. Doug worked for several years in the steel fabrication industry and was a part-time farmer. He now farms full-time. Pat is a registered nurse and has worked at the local hospital for the past 35 years. Doug and Pat have 3 sons, Dylan, Shane and Cody.

North Fork Pork & Poultry is located 10 km north of Grand Forks, in the lovely North Fork Valley of the Granby River. Grand Forks is a small city nestled in the Boundary Country, which is situated in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada.

North Fork Pork and Poultry supplies free range pork, poultry and eggs.

The Zorn family has been farming their land for the past 35 years and offers fine pork and poultry products for farm gate sales.

Our small herd of pigs are pastured during the milder months, and partially housed during the winter.