My Little Farm
Contact: Tracy,James and John Van
Address: 7015 Silver Avenue Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H2
Email Address:
Phone: 250-442-9755
About Us
A small farm start up with plans to grow. Poultry, eggs, fresh veggies, berries and gourmet mushrooms. Also apple, pear and apricot juice and non certo jams made with non sprayed fruit from our valley.
Aiming for a no waste farming practice we currently have a cycle of grow, eat, feed, and fertilize. We use the poultry by products to add to the gardens along with wood chips and compost, compost tea fertilizer during the growing months. Combining mushrooms and vegetables in the same beds gives a symbiotic partnership that only benefits both plants and eaters of the plants. Too soon to apply for certified organic status but we do not use sprays or nonorganic type fertilizers.