The Diggers
Contact: Hailey & Graeme Bekker
Address: 12630 North Fork Rd Grand forks , BC, V0H1H1
Email Address:
Phone: 778-901-6409
About Us
We are Hailey and Graeme Bekker located in sunny Grand Forks BC. We farm 25km up the Granby River from where it joins the Kettle. There we grow a wide variety of market veggies and cut flowers. We started farming for two reasons. We wanted to produce quality food to nourish people in our community and because we wanted to do work that was ethical, sustainable, and moral. For us - growing is a lifestyle, and one we love to share!

We grow our annual vegetables and flowers using organic standards with a hope of transitioning to more permanent perennial systems. We want to build soil and grow the most nutritious food we can. We hope you can taste the difference in our food and we hope it will keep you happy and healthy! Our Farm is permaculture based. We use cover crops as much as possible while also not tilling the earth. This builds soil while improving soil microflora and fauna. We seek to grow the most nutritious food we can. We believe in natural farming. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Finally we try to limit our petroleum use as much as possible. Our farm is completely off grid truly powered by the sun.